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types of insurance

types of insurance

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Before choosing an insurance package is important for us to know what are the types of insurance as well as whatever benefits we will get later when things happen that are not desirable. insurance in fact divided in three major categories, namely insurance, life insurance and insurance loss. but the divisions are still common, there is adivision of the insurance types derived from three types of such insurance for your convenience and the company in providing insurance packages to suit your needs.

Insurance term describing any action taken for protection against such a risk. insurance participants are willing to pay a certain sum of money called Premiums, to the other party, namely insurance companies. Insurance companies, in turn, agrees to compensate and provide protection against losses in the future. the type of loss and the benefits that would be obtained by participants of the insurance covered are listed in the contract terms and conditions of the policy.


When the members participants of insurance or the insured suffered losses and damages are covered in the policy contract, the insured is entitled to file an insurance claim. This insurance claim depending on the policy and other types of insurance that are owned by the participants. The recipient can be the insured or any other person designated by the participants. For more details you can read our previous article about what it is and its system Insurances. for now we focus more on the types of insurance


other types of insurance, all kinds of insurance
Various types of insurance and benefits


Insurance companies make insurance grouping policy in accordance with the focus and the risk for them. This gives a measure of uniformity in risk covered by this type of policy, which in turn allows insurance companies to anticipate potential losses and set appropriate premiums. The most common form of the types of insurance policies:


Life insurance


Life insurance provides a financial benefit to the person who is appointed upon thedeath of the insured. Various forms of life insurance issued. Some provide paymentsonly after the death of the insured, most other insurance companies there could allow the insured to claim the Fund before his death.


One can buy life insurance on the lives of themselves for the benefit of a third person. an individual can even purchase life insurance on the lives of others. For example, a wife can buy life insurance that will provide benefits to her after her husband's death. then parents are insuring themselves against the death of children. or conversely of parents buy insurance for her son and life insurance generally offers the advantage given to the 1997 financial beneficiary insurance participants. further clarification we discuss in the next article


Health insurance


Health insurance is an insurance product that specifically deal with health problemsdue to an illness and treatment processes to bear on a member of his or her insurance. Generally includes protecting and bear on the injury, disability, painand death due to accident. Health insurance can be purchased for yourself and for others.


Vehicle insurance


The most popular car insurance. i.e. insurance against injury to others or to damageanother person's vehicle caused by the insured vehicle. Car insurance can also pay for the loss of, or damage to, a motor vehicle insured. Most countries require that all of the driver or owner of the vehicle has insurance cover is usually all the loss and damage due to accidents are paid by the insurance company, but depends also on the policy the insurance company. Sometimes they just bear some loss of his caontohin cases of accidents, or where the cost of treatment or repair exceeds the amount of which is set by law.


Home ownership and property insurance


A ' homeowners insurance protects homeowners from losses related to their residence