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The name was familiar, social media networking is one of the new platform, however experienced the rapid progress in a short time. Since its appearance in October 2010, Instagram has made a huge impact in the world of social media. Three years ago, not many people are using or even knew of the photos and videos that can be shared in a social networking application that allows you to adjust the image with a filter. But, now that millions of users using Instagram so connected to each other through visual communication and social interaction.

Instagram is a mobile application that allows users to upload content and share their lives with the world through photos and videos. In many ways, Instagram photo sharing platform has to be unique from the start. After users take pictures, he can select the filter to adjust the picture and capture the perfect moment. The purpose of a filter is to convert a cell phone photo amateur or mediocre became an artistic and professional image.


This application is also intended to be used in real time, so users can share their experiences and Instagram following the experience when they do a thing. Instagram is also made easier by giving users a quick way to instantly share pictures across multiple platforms, all exist in a single application. Users can share photos to Facebook, Twitter, TumblrFlickr and Foursquare.


In the application itself, users can peruse the latest posts from homepage of their followers, check the newsfeed activity followers, comment on and share publicphotos, and tag followers on both comments and photos. Hashtag trend, in particularare widely used in the description and comments among Instagrammers. Instagram can also be accessed on the web, but only by viewing, commenting and liking function. To upload a photo, the user must use the mobile application Instagram.


The name comes from a combination of "instant camera" and "the wire." Starting with one million monthly users, application sharing photos with 100 million photos uploaded in July 2011 and 10 million users in September of the same year. In April 2012, the company announced the participation of 30 million users. In the same month, Facebook recorded growth of app Instagram and bought a US $1 billion, the third-largest acquisition to date. From the beginning, using Instagram to skyrocket. It reached 80 million monthly users after the acquisition and nearly doubled that to 150 million monthly users at the end of 2013


Instagram with new features and updates


The exponential rise in popularity partly due to Instagram due to purchases made by Facebook, although important steps the company took in 2013 also gives the application a boost. In May of that year, Instagram introduced tagging photos and "your photos," new user profile tabbed with a collection of every image he tagged in. Photo tagging also extended to branding, business-friendly measures that have reportedly led to an increase in sales.


Continue on the road to becoming more social, Instagram makes it easier to share posts by adding a link to embed photos and videos in July 2013. With this new function, one can show the content as Instagram is meant to be seen, with just copying and pasting the embed links to an article or website. This is a smart step for Instagram, because it allows users to share the content elsewhere and potentially drive traffic back to Instagram.


In October 2013, Facebook began incorporating "naturalness and advertising" in the application. Because users are not utilized to attract advertising, Facebook decided to start out with only a handful of photos and videos of interesting, high-quality of several brands. In a month,