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How to analyze forex

How to analyze forex

Oleh: fajar imam Pada 2015-12-28 20:54:10

Want to learn how to analyze forex? Here we will learn how to forex technical analysis on the metatrader platform. By having the ability of technical analysis, trading we have greater chances to gain profit.


We already know that you are the metatrader platform is reliable and easy to use to perform analysis of the movement of the market. Therefore, we will use the data that is displayed by the metatrader for analysis, so we can predict the direction of the market further and take the decision to open a position.


This is the sequence of learning technical analysis forex we will do:


1. How to analyze with candlestick


2. How to analyze with chart patterns


3. Analysis of the use of the classic indicator


4. Analysis of the use of modern indicators


5. Analyze the market volatility


6. Analyze the Saturation of the market with the Money Flow Index


After learning some basic analysis, then we'll analyze based on entry pointnya. We already know that there are several types of traders on the basis of an entry that is: pointnya


a. Bottom Buyer Top Seller


b. Breakouter


c. Trend Follower


d. Correcter


e. Konvergenter


Therefore, we will analyze the graph to find the entry point each type of strategy. Here's the list:


 How to determine peaks and valleys


 How to determine the breakout


 How to determine the trends that will occur


 How to determine the end of correction


 How to determine convergent


By knowing how to analyze some of the above, you can determine how to analyze the most suitable trading style